the experience...

My passion and vision for Ellen Ashton Photography is to showcase and enrich any couple’s memories of joy, adorations and marriage through the power of photography. Photographs are moments that are frozen in time that serve the great purpose of taking us back to a specific place and time in ones life.

My hearts desire is to capture real, raw moments for my couples so that years from now, as their great grandchildren turn the pages of their wedding album, that even they can experience the little details, love and happiness that was the shared on their grandparents wedding day.



the origin story

I remember as a little girl I loved looking through my parents wedding album. I liked to touch, smell and look at how happy and excited they were in each photograph. Although most of my parents wedding photos are posed only, I can still see how truly happy they were on that day.

Now that I am an adult and am married myself, I have a much better understanding and appreciation for what wedding photographs mean. They are history in a lot of ways. My parents and grandparents wedding days were the beginning of our family, so having images that I can show my children mean the world to me. 

Sadly, I don’t have a single photo of my grandparents on their wedding day, and I so wish that I did! I wish I would have seen what my Nana wore when she married my Papa, what her original wedding ring looked like, the details of her dress and how lovingly my Papa looked at her as she walked down the aisle to pledge her love and life to him.

Because if this, I believe choosing a wedding photographer is one of the most important decisions you will make for your wedding day. Photographs are not just picture, they are your memories. These remembrances deserve to be captured uniquely and special. I like to capture images that have feeling so every time you see them, all the emotions you felt on that day will flood your senses and take you back to that very moment in time. I pride myself on being personable and relatable with my clients. I want to really get to know who they are as individuals so that I can photograph their adoration for each other in an intimate and personal way.

Over the past four years, I've learned that the best photography experiences happen when my couples and I click. Having that foundation of a personal connection results in more organic, authentic photographs that make you remember how you felt in that particular moment in time.


I want you to have the very best!

This is my goal for all the sweet, wonderful couples I photograph. I don’t just want to document the wedding day, I want to capture your love story in a intimate and personal way, so that even your great grandchildren can experience the essence of how loving, awesome and sentimental your first day as husband and wife was. I want to give you memories that last a life time.