And a Happy New Year...

Wow. It seems like 2014 has flown by. I can hardly believe that it is going to be 2015 tomorrow. I remember when I was 10 years old and it was turning the year 2000 and everyone was freaking out that it was the end of the world. Well, it wasn't. Obviously. 

2014 is a very fond year for me for many reasons. One of which is my photography. 

Photography is so much more then just hitting the shutter button and getting a couple good shots. It's more then just owning a "good" camera... It's an art. An art that takes time to nurture and to craft. This year is when something clicked with me and I was no longer taking "good" pictures, but creating art. Memories... 

Thank you to everyone who allowed me the honor and privilege of capturing your moments in 2014. Each one of you are so special to me and 2014 just wound't be the same without you. 

Here is are some of my favorites from this year.