Enjoy Workshop 2016 | Ellen Ashton Photography | Minneapolis Wedding Photographer | Whimsical Barn Wedding

Holy smokes! I am absolutely in love with this "Enjoy Workshop" styled wedding shoot! For the past three years I have attended the three lovely Enjoy workshops hosted by the lovely and oh so talented Erin Johnson

Workshops are so wonderful for lots of different reasons! They are awesome because we get to kick back, relax and get creative without having the pressure that can sometimes come on the wedding day (not that I am complaining, I LOVE real weddings and everything that comes with them!) None the less, photographers need creative days like this... Over the years I can honestly say that I have walked away from these workshops  refreshed and happy from the sweet fellowship of other amazing creatives. 

Here is a little taste of some of the images I captured at this dreamy workshop. 


Of course I just had to get some shots of myselfwith my photographer friends from the Enjoy workshops over the years! Wish I could have snapped one with Nicki!