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Hi Friends! 

Last week was a bit crazy for me and I am still trying to recover. Obviously I didn't post a DFW wedding vendor interview last Tuesday because I simply didn't have the time. BUT it's a new week and I am back in the saddle again! 

I am so excited to share this weeks featured wedding vendor from Shannon Rose Event's! 


I met Shannon a few months ago and I am so glad I did! Shannon is a very talented wedding planner and is a total rockstar at what she does. What I love most about her is that she is a down to earth, fun loving and genuine person. She is an amazing wedding planner who would be an asset to any couple who hires her. 

When I met with Shannon to take a few images for this blog we ended up sitting and chatting for over an hour. I very much enjoy her company and you will too! Her sweet spirit and funny sense of humor will make you adore her even that much more! I truly believe these elements are what make her a darn good wedding planner!

I am so very impressed with Shannon's good attitude and quick thinking skills. I am telling you guys, you will love having Shannon be apart of your wedding day! She is a true gem inside and out!

I have a special place in my heart for wedding planners because they do SO much for each couple to make the wedding day happen. Most of the time the things that they do are way above and beyond and 9 times out of 10 we never even see all that they do. They work long and hard before the wedding and after. Wedding planners do their very best to make sure that every couple has a smooth and worry free day. Who wouldn't want that?!

I can't wait for you to get to know Shannon through her interview, so lets get started! 



Ellen Ashton: Why Did you start your business? 

Shannon: When I first graduated college I had trouble finding a full time job in architecture and being an event planner was always something I had in the back of my mind.  After a few weeks I was able to find a random graphic design job and an internship with an event planning company in Dallas.  I knew I wanted to do this full time when I could not sleep the night before an event because I was so excited to get to work the next day and I was not even getting paid ( It was crazy I was driving one hour to her office and one hour back through $10.00 tolls and working 10-16 hour days and still loved every minute of it without making a dime). To be honest I really don’t know exactly why I decided to start my own business it just felt right at the time.  After my year internship ended  I started working for an Architecture firm and I was miserable working (55-60 hour weeks and not enjoying what I was working on) and my husband (a business owner as well) told me…”Why are you working all these hours working for someone else it is obvious you are meant to own your own business and do something you love” and then I decided to save money and just do it.  It was as simple as that!


Ellen Ashton: How did your first client find you? 

Shannon: My first client was someone I worked with at my old job.


Ellen Ashton: Do you service Dallas or Fort. Worth, or both?  

Shannon: Both 


Ellen Ashton: Best advice you could give a bride and groom looking for a wedding planner?

Shannon: Find someone that you feel like you can “gel with”. The wedding planning process is not only stressful for some, but it also involves a lot of trust.  You need to find someone you can trust, let go with, and maybe even have a few laughs with (it is a fun time after all!).  .  This will help relieve some of the stress and you can feel more at ease once you begin the wedding planning process.  You can’t do it all, and the more you let go and trust your wedding planner the more you will enjoy the actual day and all the weeks leading up to the big day.


Ellen Ashton: How do you survive the wedding day? 

Shannon: Coffee, LOTS of Coffee & breakfast burritos in the morning


Ellen Ashton: What is your favorite 2016 wedding trend? 

Shannon: Pops of bold color with soft tones in florals


Ellen Ashton: What is your most favored color palette for weddings this year?  

Shannon: Dusty Blue! I love how it be romantic and modern. 


Ellen Ashton: What is your favorite show at the moment?  

Shannon: Bachelor & Bachelorette!


Ellen Ashton: Wine or Ice-cream? 

Shannon: Wine


Ellen Ashton: What is your most favorite package you offer to couples? 

Shannon: My full planning package, it is my largest package I offer and it assures I am able to be more involved in the process.  I assist with design, budget, vendor meetings, timelines, hotel blocks…etc. (you name it and I include it in this package). 

Thank so much for reading Shannon Rose Event's interview! Make sure to follow Shannon on her social media handles! 

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