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Happy Tuesday, everyone! 

I am so excited to share with all you lovelies the wedding vendor interview of the week! 

As I'm sure most of you have already gathered that I am interviewing all types of DFW wedding vendors! I have so enjoyed showcasing a little bit of what they do and of course allowing all you darling people to get to know the talented faces behind the brand. Click HERE to read last weeks featured vendor.  

Todays Wedding Vendor interview is with Briley, from Oh Deery Floral! 


I actually heard about Briley's business "Oh Deery Floral" several years ago and have been following her on social media ever since. When I decided to do this blog series I knew that I for sure wanted to interview Briely and show y'all how crazy talented and sweet she is. 

I met with Briley in her quaint little studio and we sipped on La Croix's and chatted for hours! I knew that when she had La Croix's in her fridge we were going to be great friends! 

I really enjoyed getting to know Briley! She is sweet, kind and a has the heart and mind of a crazy talented, creative entrepreneur.

I loved hearing Briley's passion about floral design and the services she offers to her clients.

As we talked it became very clear that Briley takes great care in providing her clients with beautiful and unique floral creations.

After I saw and heard Briely describe her work the thought came to me that Oh Deery Floral is not just a floral arrangement shop for weddings, but a place that create gorgeous pieces of art work with flowers. I am truly amazed at the outstanding services she offers her clients. If you are a bride looking for a florist, you should highly consider investing in Oh Deery Floral, you will not be disappointed! All of your guests will rave about your florals! 

Let's get to know a little it more about Briley and her business! 



Ellen Ashton: How did Oh Deery Floral start?

Briley: I always knew that I wanted to be an entrepreneur from a young age. I started my "first business" in 8th grade selling vintage necklaces and tried a handful of things before I ended up in college needing an internship and landing one with a floral designer. Honestly, one of the best experiences of my life! The first day there, I was literally just processing the flowers (taking off leaves, thorns, bad petals, etc.) but fell in LOVE and knew that I had to work with flowers. They called my name! I grew a lot there and was so privileged to work with someone who was so willing to teach, share knowledge, and invest in me and encouraged me to continue practicing floral design. Long story short, she had a baby and slowed down a bit with business so I had the opportunity to branch out and do my own thing and the rest is history. I continually feel so lucky that my business has grown and developed the way that it has in just 3 short years!


Ellen Ashton: How did you come up with the name Oh Deery Floral?

Briley:  In college, when I was experimenting with one of my many business ventures (with my best friend and business partner at the time) I needed a name but had no clue where to even begin to come up with one. One of our roommates took all the letters from our names and came up with several different words and phrases and Oh Deery was one of them! It just stuck and here I am - five years later, ha! 


Ellen Ashton: What do you love most about working as florist?

Bailey:  Hands down the flowers and color combinations. There are endless combinations and varieties and I still have moments when I see new color palettes that just stop my dead in my tracks. Finding those colors that just work together and make your heart flutter are what it's all about for me. 


Ellen Ashton: Where do you find the most inspiration? 

Bailey: My favorite place to find new inspiration is walking around plant nurseries! I find that it's the best place to see new unexpected color combinations, shapes, and movement. It breaks up the norm of wedding flowers and gives me new ideas for how to change up what I'm doing with my arrangements. If I'm stressed out during busy work seasons, I'll usually find an excuse to go take at least a 5 minute walk through a nursery. Something about it just relaxes me! I always think that I'll end up working at a nursery when I retire. I'll be the lady with a visor and hose talking to the plants!


Ellen Ashton: What is your favorite flower?

Briely: It changes with the seasons but right now it's spirea.


Ellen Asthon: What is your favorite 2016 wedding trend?

Briley: Dusty blue! I love LOVE blues and greens and have been waiting for the moment that blue would be in!


Ellen Ashton: What is your favorite wedding season?

Bailey: SO hard to choose! But you just can't beat the springtime flowers. Everything is so fresh and happy in the spring!


Ellen Ashton: How far in advance should one book a florist for their wedding?

Briley:  For me, 6-8 months is comfortable for planning for floral. 


Ellen Ashton: If you had to pick a celebrity to be stranded on a deserted island with, who would you pick and why?

Briley:  Taylor Swift! I feel like we'd have a lot to talk about and have a lot of fun.


Ellen Ashton: Kim, Kourtney, or Khloe?

Briley: Khloe! I want to be her friend!


Ellen Ashton: Favorite tv show?

Bailey: Game of Thrones!


Ellen Ashton Cupcakes or ice cream?

Briley: Fudgy chocolate ice cream :)

Thanks so much for reading this weeks interview and getting to know Briley of "Oh Deery Floral"! Make sure to check her out and follow her on social media! You will love seeing all her pretty creations! 

WEBSITE: www.ohdeery.com 


INSTAGRAM: @ohdeeryfloral

PINTEREST: Briley Studdard

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